About Us

Friends of the Mansfield Battlefield (FOMB) was formed in 2003 to support and promote preservation of the historic sites associated with the Battle of Mansfield and the Red River Campaign. In addition to the organizational efforts from our founder and president, historian Dr. Gary Joiner, and Louisiana preservationists, the FOMB has received financial and organization support from the Austin (Texas) Civil War Round Table and other Texas groups with ties to the Red River Campaign. Chapters of Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy and Civil War Round Tables from numerous states (both southern and northern) have also provided important support to the preservation efforts.

The FOMB has worked to identify opportunities to focus attention on the importance of the Battle of Mansfield and the Red River Campaign as important events in American history. This battlefield is among the last important battle sites on American soil to gain the benefit of a Friends group.

The State of Louisiana manages a state historic site just south of the City of Mansfield, Louisiana, and the park and small museum have suffered as the state has experienced economic woes. In fact, the museum at one time was closed for several years. The site boasts several monuments, but certainly not the number seen at other battlefields. The State of Louisiana has placed historic marker signs on highways at or near some of the key sites. In 2013, the state opened new exhibits at the site, a promising development and support that was greatly appreciated.

The land held by the State of Louisiana at the State Historic Site was originally secured by the Kate Beard Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and all who value history owe those women and their successors our thanks. However, the historic site property represents just a small portion of the actual battlefield of the Battle of Mansfield, and we hope that it can be expanded and more fully interpreted in the future.

The Friends of the Mansfield Battlefield is designated a 501(c )3 nonprofit organization by the Internal Revenue Service. It is operated by a volunteer board of directors. Over the years its membership has included members from throughout the United States and as well as from Europe.