The Gift of a Child

Posted 10/08/2003

Here is the text of a letter we received from Mississaugo, Ontario, Canada, with a gift to the Friends.

Dear Friends, The plight of the Mansfield Battlefield was brought to my attention by my 9 year old son David while he was reading the July issue of "The Civil War Times."

David is an avid Civil War re-enactor and a proud member of a local unit--the 10th Louisiana A.N.V. (On his Civil War enlistment papers he lists Monroe La as his birthplace).

David has been saving for a baseball glove but decided that a donation to the Mansfield Battlefield was more important. Enclosed please find our money order for $45 U.S. dollars. (I helped out a litte). Sorry it isn't more but hope even this small amount helps. Good luck on your undertaking!

Cordially, Michael Quinn, David's Dad