Mansfield Makes Top Ten Endangered List -- Again

Posted 02/25/2005

The report issued annually is composed of two parts: the first section identifies the 10 most endangered battlefields in the nation; the second section lists 15 additional "at risk" sites that round out the 25 battlefields that the CWPT believes needs most immediate attention. No attempt is made to rank the sites within the two tiers - instead, the battlefields are listed in alphabetical order.

The inclusion process is lengthy and difficult. Sites are nominated by CWPT membership, with help from historians, preservationists, and CWPT's board of trustees. The sites included in the study are selected based on geographic location, military significance, and preservation status.

In analyzing each site, CWPT consulted a 1993 study by the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission (CWSAC) that prioritized sites according to historical significance and state of preservation. Whenever possible, CWPT has used the CWSAC rating system throughout the report. Battlefields are ranked from Priority I (sites considered most threatened) to Priority IV (sites considered lost). CWSAC also ranks battlefields from A (most historically significant) to D (sites of local importance).

Mansfield is ranked Priority II and as "A" for historical significance.

"We hope this ranking will continue to attract the attention of our state officials and of all people interested in American history," said Dr. Gary Joiner, president of the Friends of the Mansfield Battlefield. "We owe it to future generations to assure that the battlefield where men fought and died has value to historians and to all who want to learn the lessons history can teach us."