Mansfield State Historic Site Announces Sesquicentennial Ceremony April 8

Posted 03/26/2014

On Tuesday, April 8, Mansfield State Historic Site will conduct a special ceremony to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle of Mansfield. The program will begin at 2 p.m. and is free to the public.


Fought on April 8, 1864, the Battle of Mansfield was the most significant engagement of the Red River Campaign, the Union’s failed attempt to capture Shreveport and occupy East Texas.

Confederate troops, led by General Richard Taylor, scored an overwhelming victory at Mansfield over Union forces commanded by General Nathaniel Banks. The battle involved almost 30,000 troops and cost both sides a combined total of almost 4,000 casualties.


The ceremony will feature guest speakers, a reenactor honor guard, and wreath laying in honor of Confederate and Union soldiers who took part in the battle. After the ceremony, special guest Daniel Frankignoul, of Brussels, Belgium, Polignac family historian, will present a unique program on the Polignac family inside the museum theater. Prince Camille de Polignac, a general in Taylor’s army, played a key role in Confederate victory at the battle of Mansfield.


Mansfield State Historic Site is located three miles south of Mansfield, on Louisiana Highway 175.  The park can be accessed east-west via U.S. Hwy. 84, or north-south via I-49.  For more information, call 888-677-6267 toll-free or 872-1474 locally.       


The day’s agenda, weather permitting, is:


  • Welcome and introduction - Scott Dearman, park manager

  • Appropriate remarks by Dr. Gary Joiner, author and chairman of the Department of History & Social Sciences at LSU in Shreveport

  • Appropriate remarks by Mr. Daniel Frankignoul

  • Reading of regiments by state involved in the battle of Mansfield – Scott Dearman

  • Moment of silence in honor of local civilians who were impacted by the battle and assisted in its aftermath

  • Dedication of Confederate wreath by Kate Beard Chapter (accompanied by the a cappella singing of “Dixie” by Ms. Margaret Williams Jones)

  • Musket salute by reenactor honor guard

  • Dedication of Union wreath (accompanied by “Rally ‘Round the Flag” somber instrumental)

  • Musket salute by reenactor honor guard

  • Ceremony ends

  • Audience and guests will reconvene inside museum theater at 3:30 for special presentation by Mr. Daniel Frankignoul


Alternative arrangements will be made to bring the program inside in the event of rain.

Site Manager Scott Dearman, on behalf of the park, extends thanks in advance to Ms. Leona Connell and the Kate Beard Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, who will be providing and presenting the wreath on behalf of Confederate soldiers, and Mrs. Marilyn Joiner and the Friends of the Mansfield Battlefield, for providing the wreath on behalf of Union soldiers.  “I also thank Paul Gramling, David Hill, and Chuck McMichael for helping get the word out to the reenactor and SCV community,” Deaman said. “Even though it’s on a weekday, we hope to have enough reenactors to form a respectable honor guard.”