When the Friends of the Mansfield Battlefield was established , much of the property involved in the Battle of Mansfield was under siege from lignite mining. The years of benign neglect by the state was nothing compared to the full assault on the property from dragline buckets scooping up soil equal to the volume of a three-bedroom home. At this point, the Dolet Hills Mining Venture has moved away from areas that were most critical (after destroying those in its initial path)

However, there are still areas that must be not only secured, but preserved to adequate interpret the battle and the troop movements. This is the case not only with the Battle of Mansfield and the Battle of Pleasant Hill but all sites involved in the Red River Campaign.

The importance of history and the value of history tourism should be evident and should establish a strong foundation battlefield and historic site preservation. The Friends of the Mansfield Battlefield are dedicated to historic preservation and providing support for the Mansfield State Historic Site as it interprets this battle, the lives of soldiers and the community and the importance of the Red River Campaign.

Recognition As Endangered Site
  • The Mansfield Battlefield has been listed among the most endangered battlefields by the Civil War Preservation Trust.
  • During the height of the mining operations, it was cited as the most endangered historic site in the State of Louisiana by Louisiana Public Broadcasting.
  • It was cited in by the Louisiana Preservation Alliance as one of the ten most endangered historic sites in the State of Louisiana in 2002.

Louisiana Public Broadcasting has featured the Mansfield State Historic Site and the issue of strip mining for lignite as part of its programming on Louisiana issues. In this segment, reporter and show host Jeff Duhe, visits the historic site and the lignite mine and interviews key players in the controversy – preservation versus economic interests. Our thanks go to Louisiana Public Broadcasting for their permission to use this enlightening video.

Preserving the Memory of Those Who Fought

If you have an ancestor who fought in the Battle of Mansfield or Red River Campaign, please share that information with the Friends of the Mansfield Battlefield. We are collecting photographs or images of those who fought in the campaign and information about their service. We hope you will help us showcase these “Voices of the Trans Mississippi.” We are interested in both Union and Confederate forces, no matter their rank. We are particularly interested in collecting information on the Corps d’Afrique.

If you are willing to share information with us, please forward images (scanned originals) and biographical information to us along with this statement authorizing its use. We invited you to submit information by using this form. Mail to FOMB, P.O. Box 44144, Shreveport LA 71134-4144.